What is a CPC?

What is a CPC?

Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC)

The title of Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC) is awarded to conveyancers who annually meet the standards set by each Division to maintain best practice through constant professional development.

Conveyancer members who qualify annually are entitled to use the CPC title, CPC post-nominal, CPC logo and slogan on their stationery, advertising and on other forms of publicity. It is a brand recognising conveyncers who are making the effort to keep up to date with developments and technology in order to deliver the best service.

The State programs are very similar but currently operate independently of each other. A national review is debveloping national minimum requirements across Australia, including –

  • Minimum years of experience in practice as conveyancer

  • Minimum number of hours of Professional Development (above licence requirements in States and Territories that require compulsory professional development as a condition of licence renewal)

The national review is also considering replacement of the state logos with a national logo which is recognisable by all as a symbol of the best specialist conveyancers.