Useful Links

Useful Links


NZ Society of Conveyancers -


Licensing bodes in each state

NSW – Office of Fair Trading

Northern Territory – NT Dept of Justice – Agents Licensing Board

SA - Office of Consumer and Business Affairs

Tasmania – Consumer Affairs and Trading

Victoria –Consumer Affairs Victoria and follow the link to Business Licensing Authority Victoria

WA - licensing responsibility is changing in WA at present.


Bank mortgage discharge Authorities


Useful legal links

Australasian Legal Information Institute -

Legislation all states and legal resources


Government legislation Links

Australia -


NT -

SA -

Tasmania -

Victoria -

WA -



E-conveyancing -

 National E-Conveyancing Development Ltd (NECDL)

National Conveyancing Licence –

Energy Efficiency Declarations


Foreign Investment Guidelines


Fair Work Act and Modern Awards


Useful Government sites



Australia Post -

Australian government portal (state and federal links to departments and governments) -